How To Keep Your Computer Secure

Computer security was something that only geeks talked for a long, long time. The world of hackers, viruses, firewalls, trojans and identity theft were a million miles away from the home computer user. Even 10 years ago the basic concepts of virus protection and firewalls were only understood by the most aware home computer users. Well those days are over.

A great place where you can find removal guides that even nontech user can use is Simply type the name of the malware or virus and follow the step by step guide which will help you to remove them.

Face the facts – there is somebody out there trying to break into your computer and steal your personal and financial information – it’s that simple. If you’re not taking precautions now then you’ll be dealing with the fallout of a security breach or identity theft sooner or later.

Does that sound like I’m trying to scare you? That’s not the idea but if you’re being lazy and not protecting your PC you’re gonna get caught out. It might be just some annoying spyware or a lethal virus but I can promise you it will happen. The power to stop this happening is in your own hands.

The scariest part of all this is the lack of awareness It’s amazing meet people who have neither anti-virus or firewall software installed on their computer systems, then they learn the consequences of identity theft the hard way. When you ask them why not you’re usually greeted with a Scoobydoo look of “Zuh???”. They simply go about their day and download whatever files they feel like and pay absolutely NO attention to security at all. It’s scary!

The number of risks that you face online and offline are growing every day. Most computer thiefsites focus on the online dangers but forget that other things like social engineering and offline identity theft are reaching epidemic levels. Even withdrawing cash from an ATM is now dangerous because of ATM skimming and scanning.

Why not stay protected without interruptions or slowdowns? You’ll need an anti-virus prorgam with superior performance and blazing fast scan speeds protect you without slowing down your computer. Norton Antivirus runs in the background, doesn’t interrupt what you’re doing, runs automatic updates on itself and gives you complete protection – it’s what I use myself. was setup to explain why computer security is important and that it’s not rocket science to implement it. This site isn’t going to be some supergeek exploration in complex technical terms. Nope! Think of this site as more of a dummies guide (well not really dummies but novices) guide to computer security, spyware, viruses, firewalls and other such issues that the day-to-day computer user will face.