Biometrics For Your Business or Family

The Wonderful Word Of Biometrics and What It Can Do For Your Business or Family

Chow it works. Remember in those sci-fi movies where a guy would stand in front of a computer and it would scan his hand/face/eyeball. That’s biometrics at work. The computer or electronic device has a stored copy of the biometric data for that person. When the person uses the biometric device it compares the live “version” of the data with the stores copy of the biometric data. If they match then the biometric device will allow the user access.

What types of biometric data can be measured?

Your biometric signature could be measured with:

  • Fingerprint
  • Face
  • Voice
  • Iris
  • Hand geometry
  • DNA
  • Handwriting

From the above list fingerprint, iris scans and hand geometry scans have the highest success rate and are the hardest to trick so they offer a higher security rating for both home and office computer users.

So all that’s wonderful. You now understand the basics of how biometrics work but how does that affect your home or office computer? Lots of people think that biometrics should only be used by the military or massive multi-national companies. In many cases it is but biometrics is starting to find more and more fans amongst home computer users.


Well people might steal, hack or guess your password for example. They’re going to have a tough time stealing your fingerprint or voice pattern to access your computer.

The most common form of computer biometrics is the fingerprint scanner which you can have as part of your keyboard, mouse or even as a standalone scanner. Some of the business laptops from HP, IBM (Lenovo) and Dell are offering a biometric fingerprint security feature on their laptops. Laptop theft is getting worse and companies are doing anything possible to protect their data – from fancy encryption programs such as Safeboot to biometric fingerprint scanners on their laptops.

So do biometrics have a place in your home computer scheme? It all depends on your circumstances. If you have valuable information stored on a laptop and you simply don’t want strangers or visitors potentially having access to it then it’s valuable and worth protecting.

Concerned parents could also setup a biometric scanner on their family PC to make sure that the kids only have access when mom or dad gives it their thumbs up (well their fingerprint to be more exact!

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