Internet Security For Beginners

Internet Security For Beginners

The excitement of getting your first computer or laptop is hard to forget. You have so many plans for setting up your e-mail accounts, your Bebo or Facebook accounts and all your online shopping plans too. When you were choosing your computer you made sure you got the best value for money but you also got the type of computer you wanted. You paid attention to all the small details to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

The Internet has gone beyond being popular – it’s now part of modern day-to-day life. The reality is that you’re going to be spending a lot of your time online. Between online banking, booking holidays and just your basic social networking sites. Between personal and financial details and passwords you’re going to be exposing a lot of yourself online.

Here’s where the problems start. Very few people take their online security seriously. Or even a little bit seriously. As far as most people are concerned viruses, hackers and exploits only happen to banks and the CIA or FBI. It’s something for the movies and not for real life. Firewalls, spyware and anti-virus protection aren’t something you need to worry about right?

Wrong! You couldn’t be more wrong.

Here’s the truth. If you connect to the Internet without at least firewall protection there’s a very good chance your computer will suffer a security breach within 15 minutes. How serious could this be? Well how about suffering from identity theft and losing access to your bank accounts? Or just having your entire hard drive wiped clean including maybe any projects you might have been working on. Or just your entire collection of digital photos of your kids and family?

Nobody would want that kind of trouble to come to them. And it call all be prevented easily and without even spending any money.


Simple – you just need to install firewall and anti-virus software. It amazes me how often friends ring me with virus and spyware problems and when I check their computers they have no Internet security software installed at all. Zilch!

Anti-virus software will detect viruses as they try to install themselves on your computer, as they arrive in your e-mail Inbox or as they try to download themselves onto your computer from the Internet. If you don’t have some kind of anti-virus software installed your computer is going to get infected – and it could be very serious.

Firewall software will protect your computers communication ports from being used to access your computer without your knowledge. It will also make sure that any viruses or spyware on your computer can’t send information from your computer to anyone else.

What anti-virus software do I use? I’ve been using Norton Anti-virus for the last 10 years now and am happy with the level of protection it gives me. When it comes to firewall software I’ve tried a few and the one that’s given me least hassle is Zonealarm from

It is recommended for larger businesses to implement cloud security if they’re allowing access to a shared network’s files.

Whatever choice you make just choose something – if your computer isn’t protected you’re going to regret it sooner rather than later.

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