Personal Data Security Now Matters More Than Ever Before

Personal Data Security Now Matters More Than Ever Before

Nobody could have predicted the whole Edward Snowden thing happening – he definitely pulled the wool over the eyes of the US security establishment. Snowden himself is now living somewhere in Russia, knowing that it’s game over for him – he can never return home…except maybe with a Presidential pardon but even then it’s questionable.

The real issue with what Edward Snowden disclosed is that all the conspiracy nut jobs you’ve been ignoring for years are at least partially right – Big Brother is definitely watching what you’re doing. Now granted the data that the NSA and other guys are gathering is meta data, or basically the header files for all the traffic they’re monitoring, and even at that they simply cannot monitor all the data that passes through the ‘net each day. Why? The resources it would require are too vast – that’s 290-ish billion emails to monitor, 2 million blog posts Christ knows what else being uploaded, transferred, synced and Dropboxed between the hundreds of millions of users.

Are you getting the scale of the task now? Even with unlimited technical resources and a couple of quantum computers this is still a Herculean task, and 99% of the data isn’t even worth checking in the first place!

Now that being said the fact that:

1. The NSA is actively monitoring Internet traffic and data; and

2. That Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and dozens of others basically lubed up and let the US Government ass rape them isn’t a good sign.

In fact it’s really f’ing bad sign and an omen of things to come. It’s all too common for “national security concerns” to become perverted and used as a way to monitor and then control the population. Unfortunately now is a time in history when you’d be well advised to hide whatever you’re doing online from the NSA/Prism and any other Nazi-like assholes who think that freedom of speech only counts if you’re an American – and even then it barely counts.

One way around the problem is to use some VPN software to tunnel your traffic through geographically different servers. Now it’s a pain in the ass to have to do this but the concern here is that Big Brother will eventually want to track everything you’re doing, regardless of whether or not they should.

The other option is that we’re going to see countries literally close their Internet borders, kicking out any companies who did business with the people being Prism – several South American nations are already considering that as an option.

Even if you don’t use a VPN now it’s time to seriously consider getting one.

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