Should You Be Using Cell Phone Spy Software?

Should You Be Using Cell Phone Spy Software?

It’s part of human nature to want to trust the people working for you but sometimes doing that is the worst idea possible. Building a high level of trust with anyone can take a time – months or even years in some cases – but it can take just a split second to destroy that trust. If you look at trust in any relationship be it a working or personal relationship you’ll see that this is a valid point. Trust is the foundation and the key to success in any healthy relationship but you obviously need to ensure that your trust is repaid in kind with the same kind of loyalty.

When you look at where you work it’s pretty obvious that there needs to be a high level of trust between you and the people working for or with you. The sad thing is that crime and employee theft in the workplace is becoming very, very common with both products and even cash being stolen by employees. This is a sickening trend but the fact remains – employees are stealing from their employers every single day. Not every employee is going to do this but the ones that do are the ones you’d often least suspect to be guilty of this kind of thing. The very same people you’r epaying to do a job are the same people who think it’s ok to steal from you.


One prime example of this is the way some employees treat their work or business cellphones. In an awful lot of jobs you’re given a company cellphone and most people see this as a perk of the job and use it just for work purposes. Not everyone thinks the same way and in my own experience I’ve seen frequent abuse of this with employees use their cell phones for making international phone calls, downloading porn and even calling sex chat lines. One case I was involved in resulted in the company paying almost $1,000 for calls made to a sex chat line by an employee. Worse again is the prospect of an employee using his cell to share privileged company information or data with a competitor.

This type of abuse is theft of company property and is stealing from the company. That’s why,even though you might not like the idea, you need to have cell phone spy software installed on employee phones. Some people will say that doing something like that is an invasion of privacy but the reality is that YOU own these phones and YOU are paying the bills for them. If the folks working for you are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

But if they’re screwing you over behind your back surely you have every right to know? That’s why a phone spy application can put your mind at ease and keep your company interests and finances safe from potential theft and abuse.

All you need is one very small and very covert piece of software to do this – it’s called Spybubble.

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