Spam: Learn How To Stop Junk Email

You Hate Spam? We All Hate Spam –
Let’s Learn How To Kill It Off Together

Picture this…’s Monday morning and you’ve just arrived in work. Maybe you work for somebody else or maybe you work at home. You turn on your computer and open up your Outlook/Thunderbird to collect the email to start your day off. After a few moments 347 new messages are downloaded.
spamWhat? That has to be wrong… that or your boss has gone nuts. You check quickly and realize that 342 of those emails are adds for viagra, cialis, porn, holidays, super free prizes and God only knows what other kind of crap. You start to feet hot under the collar – quite literally starting to lose your temper. You’re f***ing sick and tired of this. Who are these spammers? Why are they picking on you? Don’t they understand that you have work to get done. Not only that but you’re boss is now going to think you spent all day goofing off receiving dumb emails. Buddy it’s time for you to invest in some anti-spam software – that is if you ever want to have a moments peace again.

If the above scenario doesn’t sound even remotely familiar to you then that’s great – you’re one of the lucky few out there who don’t have a problem with spam at all. You can go about your life without ever having to almost cry in frustration because your mail box is cluttered with junk email from every other con artist on the planet. For the rest of you there is hope. That urge to pick your computer or laptop up and throw it through the nearest window isn’t necessary. This is a good thing – you never know who those hurtling bits of electronics and plastic might hit on the way down!

Is there a 100% cure for spam so that you never,ever,ever receive another piece of junk email? Well yeah delete all your email addresses… ok ok just kidding. There isn’t a 100% etched-in-stone solution. Anybody who tells you that is talking out their ass to be quite honest.

Spam is a constantly evolving problem. The methods of delivery change each day. The spammers come up with new ways of tricking out the spam filters each day. New email accounts are hacked – both corporate and private. New email addresses mean they can send more spam from those addresses or at least spoof it. Many products can achieve a 95%+ success rate but once in a while some spam will slip through.

So what can you do? Invest in your peace of mind. Yes you’ll actually have to go and pay money to protect yourself from spam – this is sad but true. Spam won’t just go away and anti-spam software has now become as important as anti-virus, spyware and firewall software on your computer (we’re assuming here that you obviously do have anti-virus, spyware and firewall software installed….) We use these pieces of software to give us peace of mind, protect our data and allow us to work in peace. Software to block and delete spam is just as important.

How many hours each day do you spend filtering through junk email? Let’s say even one hour per day. Over a perioud of 5 years that adds up to… drum roll……1800 lost hours. That’s 75 days wasted in total. What would you do with an extra 75 days if somebody just gave them to you now? You’re quite literally wasting your life on dealing with this crap. Enough! Take action today.

The simple fact is this – you can reduce your spam “workload” by at least 75% by investing $40 or less. Whatever way you look at it that’s a great investment with a huge return on your cash. All that extra time for simply investing in your own data protection and peace of mind.

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