What is Malware

What Is Malware and How Might It Ruin Your Day?

What is malware? This question is often asked by computer users who are worried about the security of their equipment and data. Malware is the abbreviated form of “malicious software” and it includes adware, spyware, scumware, computer viruses, worms and trojans viruses. The names are often used interchangeably and you need to protect your computer from all these malicious programs, which are capable of causing a lot of damage.

Adware is designed to promote sales and it forces you to put up with all sorts of advertisements. It is very much like spyware. It gathers information about your keystrokes and sends this information to someone sitting at a distance. You may get it along with some other software that you want and may not even realize that it is present in your computer.

Spyware, as the name suggests, conceals itself on your computer and spies on whatever you do. The mildest type of spyware only invades your privacy when you are browsing or buying something. It sends data about your habits to someone else at a remote location.

At its worst, spyware can pass on your passwords, credit card and bank details to a third party. It does not help if you only do business with secure websites, because it is inside your computer and is observing every move you make.

Scumware is designed for stealing and it can cause a lot of damage. It is capable of hijacking a website and placing advertisements on it, without the permission of the webmaster. It can replace affiliate codes to steal the profit that the owner of the website should be making.

Malware is not easily detected and you will have to use special spyware scanning and removal software to detect and eliminate it. It is not possible to determine how dangerous malware is and you need to make all possible attempts to remove it from your computer.

It is better to assume that your computer is already infected with malware, even if there are no signs of it. Anyone who has ever downloaded anything from the Internet is likely to have it and will need to remove it.

You can choose from the many tools for removing spyware and adware that are available in the market. It is easy to use them to scan the different parts of your computer for all types of malware. Look for tools that are updated regularly by the company that has made them. It is also essential to be able to download these updates easily to your computer. Automatic updates are even better.

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